Performing Arts Festival Berlin


Six exciting festival days from May 19 to 24 have passed - and the PAF team would like to thank the audience and the participants alike for the overwhelming participation in this first @home edition of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival. 

All contributions and documentations of the events are still available on demand – and we cordially invite you to look them up.

We are looking forward to the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2021!

PAF Documentary Film

The PAF Documentary Film includes all episodes of the multi-part documentary series that were shown at the 2020 Berlin Performing Arts Festival @home. 

About PAF@home!

We look forward to welcoming you again this year to the Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

Festival directors Sarah Israel & Tessa Hartig will give you an overview of this year's edition, an insight into the background, challenges and circumstances of this special PAF @home edition.



The Berlin Declaration of the Many

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival signed the Berlin declaration of the many with about 140 additional berlin culture institutionen. 



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About the Berlin Performing Arts Festival

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival celebrates the diversity of Berlin’s independent performing arts community at numerous theaters and performance venues throughout the entire city. Since 2016, this annual week-long festival has presented the work and artistic positions of Berlin’s performing artists and groups working in all genres.



Here you can download our schedule of programming with all dates for the festival days!