Theaterscoutings Berlin

Theater Scoutings Berlin will accompany selected productions during the festival with a variety of rounds of discussions and opportunities for exchanges. Artists and audience members are invited to share their observations, thoughts, perceptions and questions with each and, in doing so, give themselves up to unknown and unusual experiences.

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During this digital edition of the festival, Theater Scoutings warmly invites audience members in Berlin to be part of a shared discussion following Imloop@homeoffice.

Follow the loop after imloop@homeoffice.

Following imloop@homeoffice by Viola Köster and Ren Saibara, Theater Scoutings Berlin and GEHEIME DRAMATURGISCHE GESELLSCHAFT (GDG, the secret dramaturgical society) invites the audience to take a walk and talk about the production over the phone someone they don’t know (yet) and let what they have just watched sink it.  How do you talk about (digital) theater? What does the course of your conversation look like if you sketch it out? What traces will you leave behind you?

To take part in the digital encounter format follow the loop, you will need:

A mobile telephone
1 sheet of paper
1 writing utensil
1 envelope
1 stamp

Here’s how it works:

1. Register to take part in the post-performance format via text message by May 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm. Text “follow the loop” to +49 163 6608357. Over the course of the post-performance format, your telephone number will be provided to one other person who has registered to participate in this format. GDG will delete your information after the event has ended. If you have to pay a fee for each call you make and would thus prefer to have someone call you, please write “follow the loop anruf” in your text message.

2. Before the end of the production, you will either receive a text message with the telephone number of another participant so that you can call them or you will receive a phone call.

3. You are invited to go for a walk outside of your home for about 20 minutes while talking with the person on the other end of the phone.

4. Once you have arrived back at home, please make a sketch of your path and add questions, insights and associations that arose over the course of your conversation to it.

5. Please send a photo of your sketch to +49 163 6608357 (Telegram) or via email to an stephan [at] and place the original in a stamped envelope and mail it to: Viola Köster, Wallstraße 42, 47051 Duisburg