There is discussion and networking programming for visiting industry professionals and interested audience members in the form of panels and webinars.

If you would like to take part in the discussion and/or exchange format, we require you to register for these events in advance.
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Are you a visiting industry professional with questions about the events for professionals or would like to register to participate in them? Please contact:

Thomas Fabian Eder
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1:1 Conversations About Artistic Practice

For the format 1:1 Conversations About Artistic Practice, the festival invites four dramaturgs to Berlin who will offer their knowledge, time and their interest in the artistic process in one-to-one discussions to artists from Berlin’s independent performing arts community. 

The dramaturgs invited to participate this year are: Anke Euler (Bremen), Leyla-Claire Rabih (Dijon, France / Berlin), Elise Simonet (Paris, France) and Anka Herbut (Warsaw, Poland). (Closed event. Registrations were accepted until 13 April)2020.