What A Wonderful Time - PAF 2019!


Six brilliant, exciting and inspiring festival days are now behind us. We can look back on a successful fourth edition of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival – with a slew of impressive artists, new or perhaps less well-known locations in the city, a bunch of sold-out performances and an open, excited audience. 

“The festival itself has taken on rather considerable dimensions over the four years, with a growing number of “outposts” in the city’s neighborhoods, discussion and workshop programs as well as PAF Campus, which connects students at Berlin’s institutions of higher education with the independent performing arts community." (Patrick Wildermann, Tagesspiegel)

“[…] the festival has also clearly politicized itself with the expansion to independently producing performance venues throughout the city and the delegation of the selection of the artists to these venues directly, which are often able to work only in niches under precarious conditions. [...] In this manner, the art does not remain trapped in a bubble, but is instead integrated with environment – a performance experience in the best sense." (Doris Meierhenrich, Berliner Zeitung)