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Das weiße Rössl am Central Park

(In bad German and English)
Johannes Müller & Philine Rinnert

How do you build a new cultural home after exodus and explusion? The musical comedy Im Weissen Rössl (At the White Horse Inn) from 1930 the German revue theater's contribution to the topic of transferred homelands - and was banned by the Nazis. The piece, however, lived on in New York in productions made by Europeans who had fled the continent. The music of the original has now been combined with rediscovered parts of other versions of Rössl to become an evening exploring the lost history of entertainment, the German experience of displacement and the dazzling reinvention of home.


Concept, Direction: Johannes Müller
Concept, Scenography: Philine Rinnert
Assistant Scenography: Maria Gamsjäger
Arrangement, Musical Direction: Misha Cvijovic
Additional Texts: Daniel Sauermilch
Costumes: Leila Hekmat
With: Paul Hübner, Sarai Cole, Misha Cvijovic, Hauke Heumann, Sabrina Ma, Jördis Richter, Shlomi Moto Wagner, Lixue Lin-Siedler, Jochen Carls
Production: ehrliche Arbeit - freies Kulturbüro



Johannes Müller and Philine Rinnert develop music theatre hybrids that focus on the past of opera, its effects and techniques, but which are also an archaeology of the present, of entertainment and queer culture. They combine classical music with current discourses and archaeological/pop-cultural artefacts. In their projects performers / dancers / actors / scientists / drag queens work together with classical musicians and singers. For their work Reading Salomé they received the jury prize at the Favoriten Festival 2016. In 2019 they were invited to Impulse Theater Festival with White Limozeen.


Trailer "Das weiße Rössl am Central Park"

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