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Live Talk

Extended Reality Narratives - A Conversation (in VR!)

Directly after the premiere of the second episode of the "PAF Documentary Miniseries"

With Anke Schiemann, Marcel Karnapke & Fernanda Parente (Curation & Moderation)

Following the film premiere of the second episode of the PAF Documentary Miniseries, Fernanda Parente (curator, concept developer, entrepreneur and instructor in the fields of art, culture and technology) invites the audience to journey with her into a world of virtual reality (VR) where they will talk about extended reality narratives together with Anke Schiemann (media artist and filmmaker) and Marcel Karnapke (co-founder of CyberRäuber).

Life in quarantine has transformed the screens of our devices into windows to the currently inaccessible places and routines of our pre-pandemic lives. By transferring our daily interactions to the digital sphere, we have extended our realities to new realms. In order to make justice to the time we live in. PAF 2020 proudly presents a conversation on the topic of “Extended Reality Narratives” - live and in virtual reality. In this conversation, three avatars will exchange thoughts on the possibilities and challenges of performative narratives in extended realities, while exploring wondrous virtual worlds. The conversation will be live streamed.

Livestream: May 21, 2020 from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm. 
Takes place in English.

The event will be available in the video window on the festival homepage at the time indicated. If you would like to take part in the discussion, you can do so in the CHAT next to the livestream on the website.


Anke Schiemann

Anke Schiemann is a media artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She is interested in exploring new ways of narrative and shaping them into immersive, often surreal installations.

Marcel Karnapke

Marcel Karnapke lives in Berlin and is a developer, instructor and co-founder of CyberRäuber, which develops new formats and applications for virtual reality in a theatrical context. He has developed virtual museums for the dissemination of archaeological research results for Cambridge University (UK). This also resulted in the creation of interactive and narrative 3D formats, such as films and virtual reality applications through which the viewer can have a virtual 360° experience. In 2017, the VR theater piece Memories of Borderline was created in collaboration with Schauspiel Dortmund under the direction of Kay Voges and was presented at the Berlin Theatertreffen as well as at Ars Electronica. His work focuses on 3D reconstructions of reality in the field of architecture as well as the digitalization of complete stage designs for classic theater.

A new field is the whole-body imaging of performers from the fields of dance and the performing arts in the form of VR holographs for VR and AR applications. Marcel is the winner of the 3D Guild Award of the International 3D Summit in Liege, Belgium and was also the winner of the 2017 Gold Halo Award from VR Days in the category of best 3D VR animation film with Pitoti Prometheus.

Fernanda Parente

Fernanda Parente is a curator, concept developer, entrepreneur and lecturer in the fields of art, culture & technology. She is interested in the power of immersive content (VR, MR, XR) and in innovative ways to engage with audiences. Fernanda has previously curated for the film and technology festival Digital Biscuit, re:publica Berlin and Dublin, Future Affairs, among others. In addition, Fernanda has moderated and presented at the News Impact Summit, Retune Festival and VRNOW Con. She currently sits in the programme committees for #rp20 and Performing Arts Festival Berlin.