Collage, Frau, Deutschlandflagge


Oliver Zahn

On the search for the coming society: during each performance, a different performer sets out on the search for new and old myths for a future Germany. Each one brings together remembered places, symbols and rituals together into a unique, open archive that can serve future generations as a foundation for identities and self-images that can be created anew. The future of Germany, negotiated in the here-and-now!


Concept, Direction: Oliver Zahn
Dramaturgy: Lisa Skwirblies
Camera, Video: Laura Kansy
Light design: Dennis Dieter Kopp
Assistance: Azeret Koua


Oliver Zahn

Oliver Zahn

Oliver Zahn was born in 1989 at studied directing at the Bavarian Theater Academy. During his studies, he created the performances Situation mit Ausgestrecktem Arm (which earned him a nomination for best young artist in Theater Heute’s critics poll) and Situation mit Doppelgänger, which has been performed at numerous theaters in the German-speaking world and throughout Europe. In 2016, he was at HAU as part of the newcomer platform of Performing Arts Festival with his [Heimatlied] (together with Phoebe Wright-Spinks). In 2017, Situation mit Zuschauern was shown at HAU. In May 2020, Oliver Zahn is back at HAU - Hebbel am Ufer with his new piece Futur Germania.

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