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"Who is the Boss?"
Dirk Cieslak, Gerko Egert, Stefan Hölscher & Netta Weiser feat. Marie Rotkopf

Thinking outside the box! The event series Public Research is interested in questioning the separation of academic praxis from artistic praxis. In the lecture performance Who Is the Boss, writer Marie Rotkopf deals with the deconstruction of power. She investigates and questions the roots of romanticism, from the non-democracy of the European Union to the corporate identity of a political and ideological Europe.


With: Marie Rotkopf


Marie Rotkopf

Marie Rotkopf was born in 1975 in Paris and is a writer, poet and cultural critic. She published Antiromantic Manifesto, a poetic solution by Edition Nautilus in 2017 and How I Raped Rocko S., a bilingual work in French and German in 2019 through Ink Press Verlag, Zurich. Through her prose and poetry, she questions the construction and communication of power.  She is interested in the rewriting of history and in the poetry of the world.

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