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4 Medeas in fighting gear

Merchandise Medea


Medea draws number 63 in the waiting room of the local birth center. In these state-operated centers, pregnancies in danger of abortion are intended to receive implantations of empathy and motherliness. However, she is able to escape before the therapy program can begin. She hotwire a fortune cookie transporter in the parking lot and set off to destroy the brand new merchandise articles "Die Frau - das Original" ("The Woman - the Original)". Medea becomes a guerilla fighter fighting for the right to self-determination.


Performance: Andrea Wesenberg, Julia Shelkovskaja, Sunniva Unsgård, Constanze Jader
Live-Electronics: Gwen Torino
Visuals: Robbin Groß
Stagedesign-Assistance: Carolin Pflüger
Ward robe director: Eugenia Vadineanu
stage and costume: Vanessa Vadineanu, Florence Klotz
Director: Zsófia Geréb
Text: Franziska vom Heede (Kleistförderpreisträgerin 2017)
Technical equipment: Boris P. Schenk



MENADE is a group of artists that explores the boundaries between opera and drama and seeks ways to break them down. The group presents classical material in a new context, experiments, renews and challenges; their focus is placed on the role of women and questions of identity. The group began their joint work in 2015 during their studies and since then have developed a special form of collaboration: direction, stage and costume design leave their traditional terrain and become involved in all levels of the production. This concept includes the creation of new music, visual language and spatial forms that partially dissolve the classical audience situation. The result is a complete dramaturgical experience that also involves the audience. In 2018, Menade won the Berlin Opera Prize for its work Prostheses of Autonomy.

MENADE is Zsófia Geréb, Vanessa Vadineanu and Florence Klotz.

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