Mit Echten Reden (1): Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip

Tanja Krone

“You have to learn to start to use your elbows!” This post-Wende mantra clearly marked the end of the German Democratic Republic for Tanja Krone, who was thirteen years old at the time. Nearly 30 years later, she asks her parents, sisters, friends from school and teachers what they understand from the "elbow principle" and brings the answers on stage. Something new gently emerges between true, false and borrowed memories.


Direction, Research: Tanja Krone
Performance: Frida Ponizil, Emma Rönnebeck, Tanja Krone
Dramaturgy: Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs
Costumes, stage: Eva Lochner
Music: Tanja Krone, Thomas Seher
Video: Clarissa Thieme
Production Management: Claudia Peter
Assistant Direction: Luise Walter


Tanja Krone

Tanja Krone is a director, performer and musician whose projects deal with art as a space of possibility and participation of various protagonists. Her performances in the past have ranged from the founding of the world's largest female rock band to the invention of utopian states in Africa and the creation of a modern youth Salvation Army in Berlin. Since the summer of 2017, she has been touring European cities with The European House of Gambling, an international group of performers and do-gooders, to find out if a gambling community is also a just one.

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