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Network Meeting "Bridging the Scenes"

An event by the Berlin Performing Arts Program

With Adriana Svetlikova & Petr Pola (Malá inventura), Veselin Dimov (ACT Festival), Grit Uldall-Jessen & Erik Pold (Selected Works) & Thomas Fabian Eder (Performing Arts Festival Berlin). Moderated by Caroline Galvis (Berlin Performing Arts Program).

International exchange is despite, or perhaps even more precisely, more important than ever due to the current situation. The Berlin Performing Arts Program invites the audience to get to know, digitally, the four partner festivals Malá inventura (Prague), Selected Works (Copenhagen), ACT Festival (Sofia) and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival (Berlin) as well as to shared networking. During the meeting, there will be the opportunity to learn more about the four festivals, the structures of the respective communities behind them as well as their shared format Bridging the Scenes. In addition, we will provide insight into the ongoing schedule of programming of the online edition of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival @home.

All interested members of the independent performing arts communities of the four cities of Prague, Copenhagen, Sofia and Berlin are invited - together, we want to pursue the question of which (digital) exchange formats the communities can be using to better connect to each other in the present as well as in the future.

Livestream: May 20, 2020 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.
Takes place in English.