The Trilogy of Power: from political power to the power-of-being

RIGHT ON! (Part I)
Daniela Marcozzi / Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

A trilogy that examines the influence of political power on the individual lives of individuals. RIGHT ON! is a performance about the life experiences of victims of the Italian Anti-Terrorism Act in accordance with §270 of the Italian Criminal Code.  Lacuna, the second part of the trilogy, examines the topic of how state secrets are created and protected. Diagonal Vertigo in inspired by the dramatic collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa in August of 2018.


A performance by and with Daniela Marcozzi
Artistic collaboration: Peter Rose/Practical Works


Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Daniela Marcozzi

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater (MCT) is a physical theater company based in Berlin and founded in 2015 by the performance artist, theater trainer, researcher and former biologist Daniela Marcozzi. Thus far, MCT has realized about 12 ensemble and solo performances that have toured internationally and has collaborated with many visual artists, dancers and musicians. The artistic language of the company emerges from the dialogue between different disciplines, including the body-voice training of Grotowski's research, physical theater, contemporary dance, corporeal mime, clown, vocal techniques and more. The core practice of MCT rests in urgency, understood as a source of unconditional energy, a driving force necessary to express oneself in order to survive on a biological, cultural, artistic and political level.

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