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From Venue to Venue #1

Representatives of Berlin venues present their places

From Venue to Venue is a digital trip behind the scenes of multiple performance venues in Berlin. A member of each respective team will provide insight into the current working methods, future programming and productions before entering into shared discussions exploring the goals and challenges in the collaboration with Berlin’s community of artists, with international partners and in light of the current situation.

With representatives of the performances venues:
Theater o.N., Theater im Delphi, TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG, Berliner Ringtheater, Ballhaus Ost

Moderated by: Jana Grünewald (Dachverband-Tanz Deutschland)

Livestream: May 21, 2020 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Takes place in English.


Ballhaus Ost

Ballhaus Ost is a performance venue for independent theater, performance and dance. Housed in the former festival and assembly hall of Berlin’s free religious community constructed in 1907, it sees itself as a cooperation partner for groups and artists working in all elds of the performing arts. Founded in 2006 by Uwe Moritz Eichler, Philipp Reuter and Anne Tismer, Ballhaus Ost has been run by Daniel Scharder and Tina Pfurr since 2011.

Berliner Ringtheater

The Berliner Ringtheater is a part of the culture centre Zukunft am Ostkreuz. It presents and produces plays of young theatre makers. The Ringtheater focusses on: New theatre topics, political discourse and questioning customary methods of productions. These things engage with each other in our productions and events. The Ringtheater is organized by a collective of 12 persons.


TATWERK is a point of contact for artists who have chosen to use the body as material and research as an instrument for their work. The focus is placed on interdisciplinary, political and poetic projects in the eld of the performing arts. The resulting schedule of programming of classes, workshops and performances is supplemented by evening festivals and festivals where selected artists present their work.

Theater im Delphi

The Delphi is a former silent movie theater from the year 1929 that has been reopened as an international center for art and culture. As a production and performance venue, the theater offers a unique place for performing arts productions of all kinds, with excellent acoustics and breathtaking aesthetics. The artistic leadership of Per Aspera focuses on music theater and site-speci c projects.

Theater o.N.

In 1996, Theater o.N. moved into its current premises at Kollwitzstraße 53. There, the group has been showing its own repertoire pieces for children and adults, opening their house for guest performances by colleagues and organising series in cooperation with long-standing partners. The "Berliner Zimmer" with its 50 seats is a permanent institution in Berlin's cultural life. Generations of children have had their first theatre experiences here. Again and again, spectators express their enthusiasm for the intimate and hospitable atmosphere of the house.