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Theatre and pub evening

The world is racing along at warp speed! Climate change, digitalization, Chinese designer babies, political disenchantment, the diesel scandal, right-wing populism, credibility…there sure are a lot of passionate arguments going on in bars - about politics, love and family. We have an opinion about everything. Is a compromise possible when opinions are very far away from each other? Can we find a better solution together that everyone can be happy with? And what we do we promise ourselves that this will bring? Let’s argue!


With: Cathrin Clift, Dennis Depta
Text: Rolf Michenfelder
Direction: Heike Scharpff
Dramaturgy: Katja Kettner
Set Design: Sebastian König
Music: Ansgar Tappert
Costume: Lena Buchwald
Production management: Tine Elbel
Direction Assistance: Lisa Wegmanns
Tourmanagement: Polyxeni Angelidou


The Kanaltheater is a theater label founded in 2014 in Eberswalde. The Kanaltheater develops theater productions with supra-regional relevance from the themes of the region. Sociopolitical topics are particularly close to their hearts. Their work explores history as well as visions for the future. Documentary material (e.g. interviews) is blended with fictional elements. Music, sound, rhythm and a strong visual language are always important to them, along with text and performance. They love trash, offbeat humor and entertainment value. Their work always focuses on questions that they want to explore: Where do we come from? How do we want to live together - today and tomorrow?


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