Professionals Talk
Professionals Talk

We're Not Here To Talk About Trees!

Sustainability, Cultural Policy and Independent Artistic Production

Kick-off of the discourse series of the Berlin Performing Arts Program

What approaches and discussions about sustainability in cultural policy and independent artistic production are still relevant despite the pandemic and why? Over the course of five online formats that build upon each other, the Berlin Performing Arts Program will deal with the topics of sustainability and artistic production. Building upon discussion from the time before the pandemic, climate- and resource-relevant challenges for artists, production managers, members of the community and the institutions of the independent performing arts will be analyzed. Climate-conscious action and sustainable transformation will be placed in a cultural policy context. Together, approaches will be explored in-depth, demands will be formulated and perspectives will be presented that go beyond the current crisis.

The kick off of the series of discussions will take place with We’re Not Here to Talk About Trees! Sustainability, Cultural Policy and Independent Artistic Production and Producing Sustainably! The Role of Associations, Initiatives and Funding Institutions during PAF @home.

The events will take place in the form of webinars on the secure platform Eduip and generally last for 60 minutes. The events will be recorded for documentary purposes, but they will not be streamed. At the end of each event, there will be an opportunity to engage in informal exchanges in small groups.

Event takes place at May 21, 2020 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. 
Takes place in German.

Schedule of Events

11:00 am  Introductory greetings and an overview of the series of events

11:05 am Keynote speech: Summary of the State of the Debate during the German Federal Congress of the Independent Performing Arts and Approaches to Assess the Current Situation. (Franziska Pierwoss und Sandra Teitge have been working together for many years and their projects explore questions concerning the political, societal and financial economies of waste management).

11:20 am Presentation: Considerations for a Resource-Friendly and Sustainable Cultural Landscape in the Time after the Pandemic. (Daniel Wesener, Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)

11:35 am Conversation with Jonas Leifert (PACT Zollverein) We will become a sustainably producing cultural institution! But how?

11:45 am Open discussion

From 12:00 pm Exchanges between the participants in small groupes