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Boys in Sync

Jakob Krog, Jay Fiskerstrand & Simon Zeller

Three young “men” on the way to the ultimate fusion. In Boys in Sync, the performers attempt to synchronize their lesbian-male, different bodies and thus generate a constant tension between success and failure. Using personal stories and half-true facts, they produce a competition for authenticity and belonging as well as reveal moments of rivalry, vulnerability and humor.


Performance: Jakob Krog, Jay Fiskerstrand, Simon Zeller


Jakob Krog

Boys in Sync are a cross-disciplinary performance collective from South Africa, Denmark, Norway and Germany. Jay Fiskerstrand, Simon Zeller and Jakob Schnack Krog studied together at the Norwegian Theater Academy. Their works combine elements and methods from the contemporary dance community, the institute of applied theater studies at the University of Gießen and the South African storytelling culture as part of their artistic backgrounds.

Jay Fiskerstrand

Simon Zeller

Trailer: "Boys in Sync"

Because of an injury, Jay Fiskerstrand is only partly present in the video documentation. The original performance consists out of Fiskerstrand, Krog & Zeller on stage.

Music Design: Nicolai Nyboe

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