Introducing Performance


Tobias Malcharzik & Co.

COMEBACK draws upon a drag performance that Tobias Malcharzik put on in the gymnasium of his elementary school. In a game of holding on tight to memories and fictionalization, a picture puzzle of queer childhood experiences comes into focus. Somewhere between (re)construction and searching, the interview fragments, songs by Britney Spears, the Chicken Dance as well as imagination come together to form a fragmentary duet of past and future.


Konzept, Performance: Tobias Malcharzik 
Technik, Dramaturgie: Charlotte Lauber 
Technik, Dramaturgie: Laurin Thiesmeyer 
Support, Outside Eye: Marten Flegel, Annika Lock, Lea Schütte, Cäcilia Wosnitzka 


Tobias Malcharzik & Co.

Tobias Malcharzik works collaboratively or collectively on performative & interdisciplinary projects. He is a performer, curator & DJ (aua&angst) and studied Szenische Künste at the University of Hildesheim. In collaboration with Charlotte Lauber & Laurin Thiesmeyer, he developed his first solo performance, which reflects on strategies of queering memory & biography. Together with Cäcilia Wosnitzka, he will go on a research trip entitled PASKUDNIK in 2020, which traces the migration story & route of his family from the village Maków in Silesia to Marienweder in Lower Saxony backwards. He has been part of the Initiative for Solidarity at the Theater since 2018.

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