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pi_performance_idiom ____gemelos2000 & guests —in memoriam Roman Opałka—

Livestream as part of the Digital Showroom
____gemelos2000 & Sung Baeg, Rubén González Escudero, Lady Gaby, Xilena Grint, MicoMusik_Loreto Zamora & Nikolas Klau, Seamus O'Donnell, Jan Raydan, Denise Reynoard, Yureimi Rodriguez & Co, Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer, Hong-jae Shim & Karina Villavicencio

In remembrance of the French-Polish artist Roman Opałka, gemelos2000&guests, in the fifth year of the Berlin Performing Arts Festival as well, invite the audience to an interdisciplinary happening by Berlin performance artists who deal critically with the question of temporality as the painter and photographer Roman Opałka.

Livestream May 22, 2020 at 6:18 pm


6:18 pm
Opening with ZOOM

6:25 pm
• Sung Baeg & Hong-jae Shim 
Livestream by Busan

7:00 pm
Livestream by Performing Arts Festival Berlin
PAF Doku-Series part 3: How Can We Use the Performing Arts to Help Us Envision a Hopeful Future?

9:40 pm
Livestream by • Xilena Grint

9:55 pm
Livestream & Soundperformance by • Seamus O'Donnell/

9:21 pm
Livestream by • MicoMusik_Loreto Zamora & Nikolas Klau with Estefania Cadena 
"Sinking of the Titanic"

9:50 pm
Livestream by • Lady Gaby
"I'm not your muse"

10:10 pm
Livestream by • Rubén González Escudero

10:30 pm
Livestream by • Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer 

10:40 pm
Livestream by • Unai Álvarez
/contemporary dance performance 
"El escaparate"

10:54 - 10:59 pm
Livestream by • Yureimi Rodriguez

10:59 pm
Livestream by • Karina Villavicencio

11:08 pm
ZOOM Session
• pi_participants

• Carla Lonchuk will post a video

Online Presentation by • Jan Raydan Bastidas



• ____gemelos2000/performative interventions &
• Unai Álvarez/contemporary dance performance
• Sung Baeg /performance-video
• Rubén González Escudero/performance
• Lady Gaby/performance
• Xilena Grint/dramatic art
• Carla Lonchuk/dance, theater & circus
• MicoMusik_Loreto Zamora & Nikolas Klau with Estefania Cadena
• Seamus O'Donnell/soundperformance
• Jan Raydán Bastidas /soundperformance
• Yureimi Rodriguez /dance/poetry
• Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer/performance
• Hong-jae Shim/performance
• Karina Villavicencio/performance
• Mengting Zhuo/performance


2020 20 years ____gemelos2000


____gemelos2000 was founded in 2000 at the 4th International 72 Hour Congress for Performance & Visual Arts of the Gallery SoToDo in Sacramento, California in the USA. The artistic work includes all imaginable forms of expression, with a focus on painting, drawing, photography, installations, environments as well as conceptual, performative and participatory actions, collaborations and interventions in public space. ____gemelos2000 pursues, among other thingss the idea of experimenting and engaging in synchronous, parallel, interrupted, continuous, interactive as well as unplanned and spontaneous performances.

Mengting Zhuo

Mengting Zhuo

Mengting Zhuo is a Chinese performance artist from London. She received her MA in performance from the University of London.


Rubén González Escudero

Rubén González Escudero

Rubén González Escudero received his Master's degree in fine arts from the University of Madrid in 2007. Since then, he has specialized in new media.

Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer

Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer

Christian Schmidt-Chemnitzer was born in Chemnitz in 1968. He studied trumpet, drums and music theory and has worked as a performer since 1982. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 1996. 

Lady Gaby

Lady Gaby

Lady Gaby is a performance artist/visual artist and curator who finds artistic inspiration in her surroundings. She deals with provocative, personal performances that address feminism and social justice.

Seamus O'Donnell

Seamus O'Donnell

Seamus O'Donnell has been working on various projects involving sound, both as an artist and as an organizer since 1999. Collaborative works (for performances or installations) may include FM radio experiments with receivers and homemade mini-transmitters; tape machine loop or relay setups from reel to reel; live sets with any mix of manipulated field recordings, homemade equipment, amplified objects and magnetic fields, inputless mixers and other more traditional instruments and voices. Improvisation is probably the most important factor. As an organizer, he works together with the registered association Salon Bruit e. V., a platform for experimental music.

He also works with ColaBoraDio, a part of Free Radio Berlin Brandenburg, as a presenter and program manager. He lives in Berlin.

Xilena Grint

Xilena Grint

The artist captures sounds from the space, manipulates and reproduces them, objects as well as people present at the site.

Kaos Play by Jan Raydán Bastidas

Jan Raydán Bastidas

The artists use electronic spatial soundscapes mixed with processed voices, minimalist stage performance and dystopian video projections to take you on this journey and leave a lasting impression that resemble the sound of a sinking ship.


This performance is presented by Loreto Zamora, Estefania Cadena and Nikolas Klau.

Carla Lonchuk

Carla Lonchuk

Carla Lonchuk is a creative person, She likes art in all its forms of expression.

She paints, dances, writes and creates figures. She believes in art as a channel for learning and healing expression. She is always experiencing new things. She is a person who likes physical training and who acquires knowledge about the body and its healthy state, nutrition as well as emotional health.

Karina Villavicencio

Karina Villavicencio

Karina Villavicencio holds a Master's degree from the faculty of arts, Université de Provence Aix-Marseille I (France) and a Master's degree from the faculty of fine arts, Université de Provence Aix-Marseille I (France). She is a performance artist. The focus of her work is on personal migration history. She is interested in concepts such as displacement, migration and borders, those of thinking from the feeling. She works with hair, wool and scissors; elements that are easy to transport and malleable.

Sung Baeg with Hong-jae Shim

Sung Baeg

Sung Baeg graduated with a Master of Arts in Art Management in 2019 and a Bachelor of Arts in sculpture from Dong-A University in 2006. He is an active artistic director and organizer of art events: e.g. International Festival of Performing Arts in Busan. He is also active in the international art community, including in France, Germany and Iceland.

Yureimi Rodríguez

Yureimi Rodríguez is Venezuelan and began training in modern dance in Caracas. She attended the dance schools Danza Caracas, Danza Hoy and Danza Antillana. Inspired by her Cuban dance teacher Maria de Los Angeles Soles, she trained in Cuba from 2000 to 2005 in sports science with a focus on rhythmic gymnastics, during which time she also discovered Ashtanga yoga as a useful addition to dance training. Important teachers for her included Jun Carlos Linares, Mariangel Romero and Gimena. Between 2004 and 2007, she worked as a dance teacher at the National Dance School in Caracas, Venezuela.


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